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My Purpose

At Ocerene, we believe that birth work is social justice work. Our mission is to provide quality support and care to all individuals and families during their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. We are focused on combatting the black birth mortality rate, and ensuring that every person has access to equitable and respectful care. We proudly serve queer and other non-traditional family structures, because every person has the right to the support and care they deserve.

Meet Chloe

I am Chloe Savan, I am a childcare professional, a birth and postpartum doula, and a hoodoo root worker. I graduated from the University of Memphis in 2020 with a degree in Child Development. In college, I researched the biological effects of generational trauma. I am passionate about the holistic wellness of children, families, and the community. I'm the owner of Ocerene, a company that offers doula services, candles, herbal blends, and spiritual consulting. I started my business to offer a space to heal from ancestral wounds and the trauma we all experience day to day. In my free time, I enjoy eating great food, reading, exercising, being outdoors, and traveling!

Pregnant belly
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